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August 2, 2017

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5 Ways Grocery Pick Up Changed My Family's Life

April 16, 2018


Being a busy mother is not easy. Between shuffling kids to and from after school activities to managing and running a startup, time is precious in my household. Naturally I love saving time, and avoiding activities that prevent me from doing so. Unfortunately I can’t avoid Grocery shopping. I can however find ways to cut time, and by shopping online and picking up my groceries, I have done just that.


It only takes me a few minutes to check out online and once I arrive, Harris Teeter takes care of the rest. It’s been such a life saver, that I want to share with everyone what a great service Harris Teeter has. So, here are 5 ways that grocery pick up has changed my family’s life.


  1. I no longer spend hours each week inside the grocery store. That’s right, I said hours. Instead of going and selecting the items off the shelf, I trust my friends at my local grocery store to do that for me. That’s important right? I know my Harris Teeter butcher is going to give me the best quality cuts of meat, and I know produce will give me quality fruits and vegetables. That means I can do all my shopping and planning online, and know that when I pull up, they will have my order the way I want it.

  2. I can stick to eating healthy - no more caving to the kids wanting Coco Pebbles. This is a huge one for me. You see it all the time, or experience it yourself. Parents are in a store, with their young ones and the kids eyes are instantly gravitating to the bright designs all the brands placed at their eye level. After the fifth time of them asking for their favorite cereal, you cave. It's just easier than hearing it for the sixth time, “I want coco pebbles mom!”

    Ordering online and picking up curbside gives me the power to control what comes into my house. It’s corn flakes and bananas instead of cookies and Lucky Charms. It keeps my kids and me honest.


  3. I have less food wasted - properly meal planning means I throw out a lot less food. Meal planning allows me to have a routine and know exactly what I’m going to be doing for the rest of the week. It ensures that I buy ingredients and food based on meals, leaving some room in my fridge and pantry for staple items. This means less food waste at the end of the week, which is good for the environment and also my wallet.

  4. Save money - I actually save money, because less food is wasted. Did someone say, save money? See, this food waste thing is big. Sure I may spend a little more to have my groceries assembled and delivered to my car curbside, but I don’t have unnecessary items in my pantry or fridge at the end of the week,  which is what eliminating food waste is all about. No more week old produce in my fridge. Every head of broccoli and stalk of celery is accounted for.

  5. I’m spending more time with my kids in the kitchen. It’s not only fun, it’s a basic life skill my kids are learning. They don’t have to go on to be chefs, but it is nice to know they will be able to cook more than just Kraft Mac and Cheese, and toast when they are off on their own. The New York Times, discusses 5 reasons your kids should be to, in this article. Keep it easy and fun for them though. It is a great time to bond and spend time with your family.


I mention how easy the process is above. I’m not kidding, it is super easy and I use Myxx Recipes to simplify my shopping even more. I just pick the recipes I want for the week, uncheck the ingredients I already have, or don’t need, and send my list over to my Harris Teeter account. Once there I finish the rest of my shopping, and checkout using the express lane. I just pick the time I want to pick up my groceries and they will have them ready for me when I arrive, and as long as I order by 3 pm, I can pick them up the same day. It’s so simple I don’t even get out of my car. I pull up, they load my car and off I go to tackle the rest of my busy week.


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