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August 2, 2017

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How to Pick the Best Fruit

July 27, 2017

Nothing beats a perfectly ripe and delicious fruit straight from the orchard or farm. Unfortunately for the average consumer this is not always possible. Especially in the winter months when much of your favorite fruit is shipped from thousands of miles away to a grocery store near you.


Now that doesn’t mean the fruit is bad. It may not be straight from your local farmer, but you can still find delicious fruits anytime of the year. To help you become a fruit picking wizard I have compiled a list of tips for picking everything from apples to kiwi.


First Up, Citrus:


  • Oranges: Fruits should be heavy for their size and have firm, smooth skins. Color isn’t a big deal. Mandarin oranges should also have firm skins that are not shriveled.

  • Lemons and limes: Fragrant fruits that are heavy for their size are what you want. Again shriveled skin is a no go.

  • Grapefruits: Again the fruit should be heavy for their size, but the skin should be smooth and thin. When touched grapefruits should be firm, but slightly springy as well.


As you can see there are a few key things to remember when picking citrus. How to Select and Store Citrus Fruit, from Getty Stewart, is a great article that highlights these common features and even provides advice on how to store your newly bought fruits.


Next, you’ll thank me “berry” much for these berry tips:


  • Blueberries: Berries should be firm, dry and obviously blue. A white sheen is natural, but when buying a container make sure that the bottom has not crushed or spoiled berries.

  • Cherries: Select berries that are plump, shiny, and darker in color. Berries with their stems intact will have a longer shelf life.

  • Strawberries: Strawberries should be fragrant, completely red, and shiny with fresh looking green tops. Again make sure the bottom of your container does not have any crushed or spoiled berries.


Above all berries should be true to their colors and smell fragrant. Berries like citrus do not ripen after picking, so it is best to eat them right away. Berries do freeze well though so follow these tips for the best results.


I don’t have great melon wordplay, so here is a great pun. Enjoy.



Couldn’t get enough here is another.


Ha melon puns. Anyway back to the melon tips:

  • Cantaloupes: These melons should be fragrant and have a creamy, golden color (not green). Avoid fruits with soft spot, although the end opposite the stem should be slightly soft.

  • Watermelons: Choose fruits that are heavy, firm, and sound hollow when thumped. Ripe watermelons should have a yellow spot on the side where it sat on the ground.

  • Honeydews: Melons should have a dull looking appearance, not a shine. Melons that are shiny are underripe. The color should be pale yellow to light lemon, not overly green.


Picking the right fruits as everyone knows just makes that peach or mango taste that much better. For more fruit selecting tips checkout, How to Select the Best Produce, from The Kitchn. Enjoy your new found skill and the “fruits” of your labor.


Looking for recipes for all your new delicious fruit? Check out Myxx Recipes. With Myxx you can shop and buy from a vast selection of recipes instantly. Enjoy the recipes, and as always, happy cooking.

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