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August 2, 2017

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The Science, and Art, of Fruit Ripening

July 6, 2017


Think of your favorite fruit. Maybe it is a succulent and sweet peach. Maybe it is a tart and crisp Granny Smith apple. Whatever fruit you thought of, they get better through the process of ripening.


Fruit ripening is initiated by the release of ethylene gas to turn sour, starchy, and often green fruits into aromatic and tasty fruits we all love.The key to speeding up the ripening process is trapping the ethylene gas that your fruit is giving off. Bananas and apples give off more ethylene than other fruits so ripening one of these fruits with another speeds up the process even more.


That’s about all you will get for today’s science lesson, but if you’re interested in learning more about the ripening process, check out this Scientific American article: “The Origin of Fruit Ripening."


Some fruit, such as berries, oranges and watermelons, end their ripening process once they have left the vine. Other fruits like bananas, apricots, and mangoes can continue to ripen once they are in your home.


As stated above the key is trapping ethylene gas. This can be done in a number of ways. Some popular ways include placing the fruit in a brown paper bag, in a tub of rice, or under a linen cloth. These methods have their advantages and disadvantages.  "One Green Planet" provides best practices for each method in their article, 3 Easy Hacks That Will Help You Ripen Fruit Fast.

For more complete information on how to ripen different fruits, check out Raw Food Health's Fruit Ripening Guide.  Whatever your fruit option, you are now prepared to enjoy it when it is at its very best.


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