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February 22, 2018

Charlotte Angel Fund Invests in Myxx®

Early Adoption by Grocery Retailers and Brands Triggers Growth Funding

Charlotte, NC (February 22, 2018) – Early stage investment group Charlotte Angel Fund announced today their investment in Myxx, Inc., a company focused on simplifying the grocery shopping experience by dynamically connecting brands and retailers to shoppers.  This investment was a part of the company’s recent funding to help the company aggressively accelerate product development and fuel expanding partnerships. The Fund has made fourteen investments since formation in December 2013.


Myxx, based in Cary, NC, has created a platform which automatically converts recipes into a shopping list indicating which nearby grocers carry those items, and at what price.  Among the factors making this an attractive investment, were the number of grocery retailers and brands actively engaged with Myxx as part of their efforts to keep pace with a rapidly changing grocery industry.


In addition to funding from Charlotte Angel Fund, participants in the Myxx funding round included Cofounders Capital, RHM Ventures, RTP Capital, and IMAF-RPT 2.


A significant factor in the Fund’s investment selection, was the strong Myxx co-founding team of Monica Wood, Dede Houston, and Stuart Allen. Their unique expertise in data science and ad tech, as well as previous work in development of data-driven marketing solutions for consumer packaged goods clients and retailers, are significant assets to the company. 


“The grocery industry is experiencing a rapid transformation between the advancement of technology, increasing consumer demands, and fierce competition,” said Monica Wood. “Retailers and brands need new ways to keep up, and Myxx is helping lead the charge.”  Myxx currently works with leading retailers like Harris Teeter to power their shoppable recipe platform,  They also partner with top national brands such as Tyson, Ghirardelli, Kraft, and McCormick to expand their marketing efforts and impact, drive customer sales, engagement, and loyalty to compete with the ever-expanding consumer demand for online, personalized shopping experiences.

“Myxx has done a terrific job of engaging with both grocery retailers and brands to create a unique and improved experience for shoppers,” stated Greg Brown, Charlotte Angel Fund’s Administrator. “Consumers are able to more price and time efficiently shop while brands and retailers are able to deepen their relationships with those shoppers.  We are pleased to have participated in this financing, and look forward to the continued development of the company and this exciting platform.”



About Myxx, Inc.

Myxx, Inc. is an omnichannel marketing platform that dynamically connects brands and retailers to consumers through their proprietary and customized List-to-Cart technology.  Myxx gives brands and retailers the ability to increase relevance, revenue and reach by leveraging real-time insights to drive measurable sales lift and engage with customers across their path-to-purchase (and repurchase.) Experience Myxx first hand at or learn more at



About Charlotte Angel Fund

Charlotte Angel Fund was formed to invest in high growth, early stage startups in the Charlotte region and across the Carolinas. It is a committed capital group, meaning that the 70+ members of the Fund have pooled capital for investment in these opportunities.   Monthly meetings are held where new opportunities are presented to the members for their review.  The fund remains open to new members.  For more information, please see or contact Greg Brown at or 980-307-0754.

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