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June 19, 2018

Myxx Extends Shoppability to Content Providers and Publishers

Live Naturally, a Kroger-Centric Magazine, to Utilize Myxx’s Digital Shoppable Recipes

Cary, NC (June 19, 2018) - The country’s fastest growing company providing digital shoppable recipes, Myxx, announced today Live Naturally Magazine will be the first publisher to use Myxx’s portable technology to power its recipe content. Live Naturally Magazine is a healthy living publication distributed exclusively in Kroger retailer locations.


“Bringing together content and commerce is the future of shopping, and with our latest incarnation, the future is NOW. Myxx’s partner solution enables content to be shoppable on any application,” said Myxx CEO Monica Wood. “We are proud to partner with Live Naturally Magazine to enable Kroger shoppers with the ability to instantly purchase ingredients for recommended recipes, making the choice to eat healthy that much easier. Myxx takes the user experience on the Live Naturally website to the next level through the connection of Kroger stores.”


Myxx’s technology allows users to click on a digital Live Naturally recipe, and create an instant shopping cart. In addition to offering digital shoppable recipes online, Live Naturally Magazine will also incorporate interactive elements into their print publication. Users will have a more engaging experience, and the ability to access a  virtual grocery list, connecting the print to digital. Live Naturally Magazine is available in 1,435 Kroger locations across 14 states.


“Shoppable recipes is the hot new trend, and something we wanted to explore for our readers. Some companies loosely connect ingredients to products, however, for the consumer, making something shoppable isn’t enough,” said Brendan Harrington, president of Hungry Eye Media which publishes Live Naturally Magazine. “The items shown need to be the right products for the recipe, and need to support our mission. Myxx is the only technology that can make that happen today.”


“The goals of Myxx and Live Naturally Magazine are the same  - to help consumers live healthier lifestyles, while highlighting and promoting our brand partners as well. Myxx made it extremely easy for us to implement, and required minimal resources. By connecting Myxx technology to Live Naturally recipes, readers can instantly click on a recipe from the Live Naturally Magazine’s website, choose a Kroger brand store, and have ingredients instantly added into their cart.”


Myxx connects to Kroger brand stores including: Ralph’s, King Soopers, Fred Meyer, Kroger, and Harris Teeter locations. Grocers and leading brands such as Kraft, Barilla, Perdue and McCormick, are using Myxx to expand their online presence and impact, drive customer sales, engagement, and loyalty to compete with the ever-expanding consumer demand for online, personalized shopping experiences.


“Myxx will rapidly expand to other sites and applications,” said Wood. “Implementation for our partners is so easy, we can activate your entire site to be shoppable with 95 percent accuracy in minutes. Our goal is make it easy for companies and consumers to access shoppable recipes, while strengthening the connection between publishers, brands, retailers, and above all, consumers. We are on the forefront of something revolutionary.”


About Live Naturally Magazine

A celebration of the natural and organic lifestyle, Live Naturally Magazine has one simple goal: to help customers live a healthy, vibrant and balanced lifestyle. This Kroger-exclusive publication educates and inspires readers, offering easy tips to incorporate natural foods and products into life. Live Naturally Magazine features an array of recipes developed by culinary experts, showcasing natural, fresh ingredients. Readers can find the latest research on nutrition, supplements and other products in the quarterly, complementary magazine and online publication. Live Naturally Magazine has a sister publication, Optimum Wellness, which is based in Colorado.


About Myxx Recipes

Myxx, Inc. is an omnichannel marketing platform that dynamically connects brands and retailers to consumers through shoppable recipes and their proprietary personalized List-to-Cart technology.  Myxx gives brands and retailers the ability to increase relevance, revenue and reach by leveraging real-time insights to drive measurable sales lift and engage with customers across their path-to-purchase (and repurchase.) Experience Myxx first hand at or learn more at


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