Increase Relevancy, Reach and Revenue. 

Leverage real-time insights and engage consumers across their path-to-purchase (and re-purchase).

Myxx, (pronounced Mix), is the premier omni-channel marketing platform that simplifies the shopping experience by dynamically connecting brands and retailers to consumers – from inspiration to sales and beyond.


Myxx’s proprietary and customized List-to-Cart Technology dynamically matches items on a list to the brand's product SKUs available at the shopper's local grocery retailer and instantly connects the list to the retailer’s online e-commerce cart. Our unique solution gives brands and retailers the ability to increase relevancy, revenue and reach by leveraging real-time insights to drive measurable sales lift and engage with customers across their path-to-purchase (and re-purchase.)

Myxx for Brands and Retailers

Influence the Cart

Influence and fill the cart by strategically connecting your UPC/SKUs to the shopping list based on your marketing initiatives, goals and inventory.

Drive Revenue

Increase reach and optimize marketing performance with real-time insights.  Drive measurable sales lift and revenue through increased cart capture.

Build Loyalty

Connect and engage with your customers throughout their path-to-purchase. Provide increased value at every step, creating new customers and delighting old.
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Myxx for Grocery Retailers

It's no secret that online grocery is a rapidly evolving and competitive industry.  Grocers, now more than ever, must be innovative to stay ahead.  With Myxx, grocery retailers can engage with consumers where they are the most - online. Addressing dietary needs, providing smart shopping lists, and suggesting products is just the beginning.

  • A co-branded solution that enables customers to save and share recipes, create personalized shopping lists, and bypass the wait of more expensive boxed meal solutions

  • The ability to influence the cart at the shopping list level, boost sales and drive customer loyalty

  • Real-time data and insights that drive measurable sales lift

Did you know that 76% of consumers interact with brands before they purchase
Influence and engage with consumers before, during and after the point of purchase.

Myxx for CPG Brands & Agencies

Did you know that on average there are over 45,000 products in a grocery store? Brands are constantly competing to stay relevant and demand to know exactly where their marketing dollars are being spent.


With Myxx, brands:

  • Get exclusive category placement - becoming the default item added to every shopper's list. (Think Google search - Brands pay to be top placement on a search term.)

  • Directly influence the shopper's cart. 

  • Measure and track digital marketing spend at various retail partners.

  • Gain product and consumer insights in real-time.


Myxx’s technology enhances current marketing efforts, such as email, social, display, video, by connecting consumers to the point of purchase at a specific retail store.


People are Talking!

Myxx is amazing. I was able to find a recipe, add all the ingredients to my cart in such little time that it freaked me out a little bit. This could literally change the way I approach dinner. LOVE IT!

Experience the customer journey yourself and discover a more engaging and convenient way to plan & shop.



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