About Us

Myxx Solutions is an omnichannel marketing platform active at thousands of retail locations in the US. The Myxx platform simplifies the grocery shopping experience like never before. With Myxx Recipes, shoppers have access to an expanding recipe database, where they can search recipes, add those ingredients to their shopping cart, and in a matter of moments make an online purchase or use our handy in-store list feature to shop.
Our recipes give life (and sales lift) to static landing pages, by increasing customer engagement and providing an accelerated path to purchase. All of this, while extending the power and reach of any brand or retailers current marketing efforts. In this new age of digital grocery retail, recipes are an important way of engaging customers wherever they may be. Myxx is changing the game for consumers, brands, and retailers one recipe at a time. 

Meet The Team

Monica Wood

Cofounder & CEO

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Chief Motivator - Trained Data Scientist 

Dede Houston

Cofounder & COO

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Master of Fun - Experienced Marketer Startup Veteran